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iGlass Technology Inc

A consumer-focused business dedicated to improve energy efficiency and comfort.
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iGlass is a team of researchers and engineers committed to improving energy efficiency by up to 20%, of homes, offices, and new construction, as well as in the automotive space, with our film technology embedded between glass.

Deployed in the US, alone, can save $7.3 Billion in energy, along with reduction in Green House Gas emissions. Global potential to reduce energy consumption is multiples more than the U.S. The films can be controlled electronically to control light, improve comfort and provide sound insulation. Installing our product in your office or home will demonstrate your commitment to reducing our collective carbon footprint.

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  • smart glass technology
    iGlass Secondary Glass Units (SGU)
  • f09a89ee-86e8-11ea-a0e0-0242ac110003-png-regular_image.png
    iGlass Insulated Glass Units (IGU)
  • b5da9268-85ad-11ea-828d-0242ac110003-png-regular_image.png
    iGlass Flexible Glazing Units (FGU) Based on Film
iGlass has established it operational base in Southern California and plans to launch its first product line in Q4 2020, its second product line in 2022, and its flexible products in 2023.

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